About us

The Organization

Technoflex Company Limited aspires to be an innovative food and products packaging manufacturing company driven by appreciation for the environment, balanced societal values and good governance. We take great joy in providing high quality and durable flexible plastic packaging all through Nigeria as packaging is essential to food safety and health of consumer.

The company plans to expand into paper-based packaging as well as evolve into use of biodegradable plastics as these are more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Our people and customers drive our passion and commitment to innovation.

Our Mission

  • People first, work culture and ethics
  • Business foundation on sound Environmental, Social and Governance
  • Drive quality and innovation in food and products packaging manufacturing
  • Create jobs evolving raw materials to biodegradable and renewable sources
  • Recycling as standard part of business process

Our History

Technoflex Company Limited (“Technoflex”) is a privately-owned company. Established in 1963, the Company enjoyed tremendous growth and attained recognition in quality and on-time delivery of products among its clients. Technoflex was acquired in 2007 from the previous Chinese owners. Company was restructured and re-branded with major investment in the purchase of high speed 8-Color CI Flexo printer including high capacity extruders and cutting machines. Quality and innovative packaging solutions based on customer trust is a cornerstone of how we conduct business.


Our Commitment

We build a foundation for sustained growth through result driven teams of people empowered to execute the challenges thrown at them. Our employees are entrusted to consistently do their jobs with high ethical standards, maintain the Company’s’ credibility to its customers and business partners and to work as a team with trust and confidence among teams. We love our natural environment and respect our clients and aim always to innovate well ahead of what our customers need. We aim for our products and services to offer always a pleasant surprise and a smile.

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